Doug Never Says Anything

and with this utility, you can get to the point quicker! The web resource Summarity is “Software that Summarizes”.  The premise is pretty simple.  Select some text, paste it to Summarity and let it do its thing. Its thing is to analyse your content and summarize it to save you reading the entire content.  So,Continue reading “Doug Never Says Anything”

Learning with the folks from Waterloo

Last Friday, I had the distinct pleasure and opportunity to do some learning with 75 Waterloo Region teachers at a presentation led by David Warlick. David, checking out the setup The message was a powerful one.  His presentation “Redefining Literacy” is one that makes you rethink most everything about education and his examples of howContinue reading “Learning with the folks from Waterloo”

Anatomy of a Placemark and Literacy Implications

It’s Saturday morning and I’m sitting down with a cup of coffee waiting for the qualifying sessions for the Hungarian Grand Prix.  It’s held at the Hungaroring and the Formula 1 community is divided about the track.  Some people love it; some hate it.  It’s one of the slower tracks but that’s because of allContinue reading “Anatomy of a Placemark and Literacy Implications”