Plan B

One of my favourite television shows of all time was “The Practice“.  It was a show about lawyers and one of their strategies was “Plan B” which would be used in certain occasions as part of the defense strategy.  It made for great drama and I remember the phrase “We’ll Plan B them” just asContinue reading “Plan B”

Five reasons not to fear a $200 Linux PC You sure hear enough in certain places about the joys of these less expensive computers. How much longer before they become mainstream and students show up at your doorsteps demanding to use them in their classes. How long can an educational system say no? Want to try it out? Before you throw our yourContinue reading “Five reasons not to fear a $200 Linux PC”

Vista and Office 2007

BECTA (the British Educational Communications and Technology Agency) released a study this weekend that represents a study of how Microsoft’s Vista and Office 2007 should be deployed (or not) in British schools. For both products, the general advice appears to be to wait and see. The report indicates that most British school computers are underpoweredContinue reading “Vista and Office 2007”