Cube Gets Groups

Late this summer, I was invited to test out the new Group feature that Cube for Teachers was incorporating into their excellent resource for Ontario Educators.  I can’t believe that it’s been almost a year since I reviewed and blogged about the initial release of the online resource.  At the time, there was a concernContinue reading “Cube Gets Groups”

Always Learning, Always Connected

On my first day as a program consultant, I asked my superintendent what was the best way to introduce myself when visiting a school for the first time.  His answer made me smile “Just let your reputation open the doors for you”.  Whatever you do, don’t say, “I’m here from the board office and I’mContinue reading “Always Learning, Always Connected”

They “Get It”

I really like this story. Teen founders launch Hallway, a homework helper for high-school students In a world where school districts, schools, teachers, administrators and parents continue to debate and wonder about the value of social media, the landscape is scattered with what could be opportunities for learning.  In some places, it’s embraced, in othersContinue reading “They “Get It””