Technology Integration Matrix

The Technology Integration Matrix is an interesting resource.  For the experienced teacher who is using technology well, it offers a confirmation that things are done well.  For the teacher struggling to engage students through the use of technology in lessons, it offers a world of ideas from the simple to the rather complex.  For theContinue reading “Technology Integration Matrix”

Write Your Own eTextbook…

…in fact, you may already be doing most of this. Recently, I had a conversation with a computer science teacher who was bemoaning the fact that there just wasn’t a perfect textbook for her course.  I don’t think that’s unusual. I never found a computer science textbook that I wanted to use.  The examples inContinue reading “Write Your Own eTextbook…”

A Library for New Teachers

Just stumbled across this article. “The Best 50 Books for New Teachers” I recognize quite a few of them but certainly not all.  I think that the collection would be a nice starting point for a lending library at the district level for new teachers.  At the school level, a teacher-librarian would be immediately ofContinue reading “A Library for New Teachers”

Moving Forward

I had an interesting conversation about educational leadership in the age of constant change in technology recently.  There was a time when you could make one wide sweeping decision and it would be functional for everyone.  Remember the expression “Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM”? Is that realistic today? It seems to me thatContinue reading “Moving Forward”

Nimble Classrooms

For a great read, check out “How Will Classrooms Change With the Use of Computers?“ One of the quotes really resonated with me. “It’s going to be more about teachers having nimble classrooms.” To me, this means a number of things and many teachers are embracing it already although they may not have considered theirContinue reading “Nimble Classrooms”