The Role of the Teacher in the Now Century

For me, the highlight of the 2012 ECOO Conference occurred on the Thursday afternoon.  The last session of the day was a discussion among all of the conference keynote speakers.  Nora Young from CBC’s Spark led the discussion with John Seely Brown, Jaime Cassap, Donna Fry, and Michael Fullan. The panelists all brought a uniqueContinue reading “The Role of the Teacher in the Now Century”

Blogging About the ECOO Conference

It’s been a week already since the ECOO Conference in Toronto.  It was a great few days and certianly a lot of learning at the time.  How does it stick?  One of the ways is thanks to the blogging of folks that were there.  I set a Google Alert for #ECOO12.  I know that IContinue reading “Blogging About the ECOO Conference”

Catching Up with ECOO 2012

I made it home from the ECOO Conference in Richmond Hill this morning.  The normal 4.5 hour took two days.  4 hours got me through the bumper to bumper slow-moving traffic and I finally threw in the towel and spent the night in Woodstock. Driving home, I did smile at the people who told meContinue reading “Catching Up with ECOO 2012”

Mobile for ECOO 2012

  Yesterday was a great planning day.  Those of us on the ECOO 2012 Planning Committee got together to continue the process of making sure that everything is all set for this year’s conference on October 25, 26.  The preconference on the 24th adds even more value to the conference attendees. As I blogged earlier,Continue reading “Mobile for ECOO 2012”

An Interview with Brenda Sherry and Peter Skillen

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview two of the top constructivist advocates in Ontario Education.  We discussed ECOO, directions in education and their original professional learning model, Minds on Media.  They’re regular participants on Twitter and also blog at The Learning Zone ( and The Construction Zone (  I’ve worked with both of theseContinue reading “An Interview with Brenda Sherry and Peter Skillen”