Taking Instead of Sharing and Then Taking Off

It's Saturday morning and my favourite movie "The Alamo" is on television.  Every time I watch the movie, I think of San Antonio, my tours of the Alamo, the Riverwalk, and all things I know about Texas.  Then, it hit me.  I had another Texas connection in the hopper. I had read Miguel Guhlin's post … Continue reading Taking Instead of Sharing and Then Taking Off


Haiku Deck for iPad Presentations

I could have used this last week for my presentation in Sudbury.  There was a time when I was planning to switch between my presentation and an application I wanted to demonstrate on the iPad.  As it turns out, my only option was to physically move the VGA out connector between the devices.  I elected … Continue reading Haiku Deck for iPad Presentations

A New Tool

At the NACOL conference this week, there were a number of presentations that made reference to disruptive technologies. Indeed, most of the presenters would support the notion that online learning is disruptive and a challenge to the status quo. Undoubtedly. if you're anywhere close enough to an online program, that's easy to see. There were … Continue reading A New Tool