Taking Instead of Sharing and Then Taking Off

It’s Saturday morning and my favourite movie “The Alamo” is on television.  Every time I watch the movie, I think of San Antonio, my tours of the Alamo, the Riverwalk, and all things I know about Texas.  Then, it hit me.  I had another Texas connection in the hopper. I had read Miguel Guhlin’s postContinue reading “Taking Instead of Sharing and Then Taking Off”

Haiku Deck for iPad Presentations

I could have used this last week for my presentation in Sudbury.  There was a time when I was planning to switch between my presentation and an application I wanted to demonstrate on the iPad.  As it turns out, my only option was to physically move the VGA out connector between the devices.  I electedContinue reading “Haiku Deck for iPad Presentations”

Less Love for the iPod

My explorations with iOS4.2 continue yesterday. On the iPad, it’s really awesome and makes such a difference. The biggest thing that I’m so appreciative of is the ability to put things into folders. Now, instead of scrolling through pages and pages of apps, they’re nicely organized by categories. I just have to remember where IContinue reading “Less Love for the iPod”

What’s on my iPod

Now that Christmas has come and gone, I no longer have to be a closet iPod Touch user.  The kids found theirs under the tree and are now busy tapping away on their own.  Me too, now openly at home.  Pre-Christmas, I was only using it outside of the house.  I decided to come forthContinue reading “What’s on my iPod”

Social Media for Personal Safety

There are lots of great stories demonstrating the power and the use of social media.  However, this one has to be right up near the top. It originally was posted in April of this year. http://www.cnn.com/2008/TECH/04/25/twitter.buck/index.html It’s the story of how a student in Egypt was arrested covering a protest.  On the way to theContinue reading “Social Media for Personal Safety”