Simple Needs

I really do have simple needs.  It just drives me crazy when I can’t fulfill them easily! Case in point…the background on my phone. Like many people, I think, I like to customize my electronic devices.  One of the first things that many people do is put a custom background on their device.  It mightContinue reading “Simple Needs”

Who do you follow – Apple or Google?

There has been much written about the new Apple Maps that comes with iOS6.  While there have been a few that are fans of it, the majority of the press has been negative.  I decided to take a look myself and see how it might impact my little world.  Mapping for the consumer is aContinue reading “Who do you follow – Apple or Google?”

An Interview with Royan Lee

Recently, if you’ve been following Royan Lee (@royanlee) on Twitter, you’ve had a glimpse of what his classroom will look like in a couple of weeks when school resumes.  He’s openly transparent about what he and his students do.  Yesterday, he posted about his students’ “Thinking Books” and that really got me thinking. In theContinue reading “An Interview with Royan Lee”

Social Media for Personal Safety

There are lots of great stories demonstrating the power and the use of social media.  However, this one has to be right up near the top. It originally was posted in April of this year. It’s the story of how a student in Egypt was arrested covering a protest.  On the way to theContinue reading “Social Media for Personal Safety”