A TouchDevelop Tip

Lately, Alfred Thompson (@alfredtwo) has been sharing a great deal about his experiences with TouchDevelop.  His latest post is actually a story around a video showing how to use Turtle Graphic in TouchDevelop.  That did it.  If anyone can program and create a video at the same time, I’ve got to give it a shot.Continue reading “A TouchDevelop Tip”

Hopscotch for iPad

I will admit to a certain level of geekyness.  I’m not apologetic about it either.  Sometimes, I just like to sit down and write a program for the fun of it.  It’ll never go anywhere and I don’t share it with others.  I find it just something enjoyable to do. One of the playthings thatContinue reading “Hopscotch for iPad”

A Puzzle to Drive You Nuts

I’ve always enjoyed a good puzzle.  The more it makes me thing the better.  I love logic and a good mathematics puzzle is hard to beat. On a cold and rainy day, I decided to go looking for one.  And, I found a good one. Matchmatics is a faithful replication of the math activity that droveContinue reading “A Puzzle to Drive You Nuts”

Rockmelt for Web

I have been a Rockmelt fan for a long time.  When the browser first came out, I grabbed it and made it the default browser on my computers.  It was based on Chromium and had all of the hooks to social networks built right in.  It was the perfect combination of everything that I doContinue reading “Rockmelt for Web”

Pinterest Boards for Educators

If I was looking to enter the fray of “numbered resources for whatever”, I could have called this post “9 Pinterest Boards for Education You Must Follow” or something like that.  Fortunately, the nine of them all originate from one master! The Pinterest site is curated by Med Knarbach and it’s a very nice, visualContinue reading “Pinterest Boards for Educators”