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  • An interview with Debbie Donsky

    I don’t know that I’ve ever met Debbie Donsky in real life.  Maybe she knows? However, I most certainly follow her on social media and feel like I’ve become so much wiser after these interactions.  I was so pleased that she agreed to this interview. This photo was taken at the front of my school… Continue reading

  • An Interview with Shelly Terrell

    One of the true joys of being online and connecting with others are the others that you connect with.  One of these people is Shelly Sanchez Terrell.  We’ve never formally met but I’ve been following her learning and sharing for a long time.  Recently, she agreed to be interviewed for this blog.  It’s a great… Continue reading

  • An Interview with Rusul Alrubail

    Doug: Thanks for agreeing to do this interview, Rusul. You’re another person that I’ve never met in person so I’ll skip my normal first question. We met on Twitter, right? Rusul: Indeed we did. You started following me through a list of Ontario Educators. Doug:  OK, confession time here.  I love your writing but I… Continue reading