Reverse Discovery

I found a real gem for a resource recently just by tracking backwards.  From the Infographics category in my Zite reader, I enjoyed the infographic “Where In the World Is the Internet?“. I thought I knew.  It’s in one room, reaches over here via wireless, and my phone connects “up there” wherever that is.  Obviously,Continue reading “Reverse Discovery”

A Convergence of Thought

A couple of things entered my reading today.  The first was an infographic asking “What Does An Educational Technologist Do?”  It’s an interesting graphic and worth the time to follow the link and take a look. The second reading was a blog entry from George Couros titled “What should a networked educational leader tweet about?”Continue reading “A Convergence of Thought”

This Week in Ontario Edublogs

I was actually quite surprised that I couldn’t find blog entries from the usual suspects about the technology conference that happened in Ontario this past week.  Strange. But, there was some great reading otherwise.  Read on… Getting Started ~ Library Research Information Guide for Graduate Students I really like the concept of a library maintainingContinue reading “This Week in Ontario Edublogs”

Literacy Visually

There are times that I really worry about my sense of literacy.  I read so much on line and there’s no guarantee that any of it is going to be properly written or constructed.  Liberties seem to be taken with the language regularly and there are some that just don’t appear to care.  It irksContinue reading “Literacy Visually”

Mirror Me

I acknowledge that I’m easily sidetracked when something catches my eye.  Sunday afternoon, I’m sitting here in my purple and white Vikings jersey watching the Vikes take it to the Cardinals.  I’ve got a Twitter search for #Vikings and #Cardinals running along side my regular Twitter feed.  Twitter provides great fan reaction from both sidesContinue reading “Mirror Me”