Pummelvision for Month Two

It’s been two months now since I committed to the Daily Shoot project.  I did it to try to force me to take more photos and hopefully become better at doing it.  I post them to my blog on Tumblr and I suspect that I’m like most people.  Some days, I feel like I’ve nailed it and other days not so much.  Some days, I have a goodly collection of shots on a theme and other days, I know that I’m stretching to find something that’s appropriate for the day.

Every now and again, I’ll head over to the blog and just take a look at some of the photos to relive the photography moments.  It can be a little time consuming and a little boring at times but I get the image and I also get my thoughts about the image.  At times, I do wish that I could get a little more pizzaz into the display.

Then, I discovered Pummelvision!  It does an amazing job presenting images.  First, you need to grant access to your Daily Booth, Dropbox, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, or Tumblr account.  At that time, Pummelvision gets access to your photos.  Next thing, it runs away and does some magic only to have it reappear as a YouTube or Vimeo Video, posted to your account!  It doesn’t happen immediately but an email is sent to you to let you know when it’s done.

So, here’s my YouTube video of the images that I’ve taken so far.

I enjoy the way that we get a little audio going on in the background.

So, this is a cool way for me to quickly and easily play back the images from this project.  Imagine how you could turn your web site, wiki, or blog into a multimedia experience.  Just create an account at one of the above services and pummel it to your website.  Ideas are just exploding with me for school use.  Virtual tours, field trips, sports teams, graduations, scanned artwork, student portfolios – any time that you have a substantial number of images on a theme and you’re interested in posting them as a multimedia display makes them perfect for this utility.  Of course, there are the logistics about student pictures, etc., but you’ll take care of that, right?  For my CIESC friends, you’ve got to see that this would be a vintage activity for a meeting!

If you’re looking for a way to create such a project, you’ve got to check Pummelvision out.

A Great Confluence

I’ve had FourSquare on my portable device for a while.  I wouldn’t say that I’m a power user by any extent and mostly use it to check in to restaurants after the food is ordered and we’re waiting delivery.  I’m also a mayor of three locations.  Two involve park benches and seagulls and the other a Tim Horton’s.  I wouldn’t exactly say that I’m changing the world with my check-in habits.  But, I do like the potential of discounts from vendors if I give them a little notice when I check in to their stores.  I just have to find such a place…

One of the recent upgrades to the service was announced just before Christmas included the ability to post pictures and comments as you check in.  What a great concept – now when you’re checking, you can also document it.  That certainly makes things more interesting.  I remember thinking at the time that it might inspire me to use FourSquare more often if I could find an interesting angle other than the exhaust pipe of the car in front of me.  At least, my current use amuses Ron_Mill.

But, when you think about it, it does diversify any photos that you might want to share.  So, you’d have FourSquare pictures documenting where you’ve been and another service like Flickr where you share and document your life.  Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a meld between the two?  There is now.

The service FlickSquare fills that gap.  It seems like a natural evolution.  Post your FourSquare pictures and they’re posted to your Flickr account at the same time.

The concept makes both services immediately more valuable and it’s not hard to see that this functionality is a natural match.  The most immediate use that springs to mind is staying in touch with folks as you holiday.  (Of course, you have a housesitter…)  But, for the vendor that will give discounts or recognition for folks that check in, they get more advertising for free immediately.  For you, there’s no more finding time when you’re home to locate and upload the pictures after the fact.  In education, imagine parents staying in touch as you document a field trip on the fly.

Right from the start, this is such a great idea.  Perhaps it will be the inspiration that FourSquare needs to build right into their application or to acquire this startup.  The natural extension would, of course, be to extend posting options to any of the other photo sharing services so that you can update any of them as well.


I just found about Sprixi.  It looks like a new search engine devoted just for finding images that are licensed for friendly use under Creative Commons or in the Public Domain.  It’s so new that random searches create new topics but that’s OK.

I really like the concept for use in the classroom.

The interface looks like so many simple search engines.  You’ve got a box to enter your search terms so you type a term and let Sprixi do its thing.  Unlike simple search engines, though, the results of the search are what are so impressive to me.

The results appear in a dual-paneled screen.  In the left panel, you’ll see thumbnails of the images that Sprixi is offering up as a result of your search.  Preview them and choose the one that appeals to you.  It appears full-sized in the right panel.  Then, the magic begins.

Roll your cursor over the image and you’ll get a chance to rate the usefullness of the image – Sprixi is learning – and an opportunity to click on a button to resize the image for your purpose.  At the bottom, details about the image, its source, and its licensing appear.  On the right side of the screen is a “use” tab which provides you with the opportunity to download the image with credits or to just link the image and display the rights.

In a day and age when we’re trying to teach about copyright and respect for the works of others, this website really helps out.  They’re looking for a little love to share their presence so I would encourage you to give it a try and follow their “love” link to get some ideas about how to share the information on your favourite social platform.

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