Plan Now for a Year of Social Success

Welcome back to school in Ontario.  Today’s the big day for most.  I decided to drag out this old “Post from the Past”.  It goes back to the start of the school year in 2012.  I thought that it was good advice then and I am equally as convinced that it’s just as good orContinue reading “Plan Now for a Year of Social Success”

A Tale of Two Hashtags

If you’re going to a conference, and want to connect with the great people there, you can’t beat the informal gatherings that typically involve coffee.  During the conference, I think it’s also important to share your learning and insights with others.  Some folks just can’t attend for whatever reason and yet still are interested inContinue reading “A Tale of Two Hashtags”

Self-Analysis of Twitter Etiquette

I read this post from Malhar Bahai “12 Most Basic Twitter Etiquette Tips” and found it really hit the mark.  Just sharing it was too simple so I decided to use it as a checkup for myself.  Here are my thoughts… 1. Don’t be an Egg Head Got it!  I absolutely agree.  Personally, I generallyContinue reading “Self-Analysis of Twitter Etiquette”

Social Stories

This is exciting news for those who are looking for a way of incorporating literacy into their English or Language or ELL courses.  Or History.  Or Drama.  Or… Twitter has announced the “Twitter Fiction Festival“.  Ideas were submitted and the Festival will run over 5 days at the end of November.  You’ll follow the hashtagContinue reading “Social Stories”

Plan Now for a Year of Social Success

Labour Day! The last day before getting back at it. Flash forward 9 months and the school year will be just about over but you’ll be scrambling for content for the yearbook and/or end of the year assembly. A little planning now could make that so easy and social media is the answer. All thatContinue reading “Plan Now for a Year of Social Success”