Them’s fighting words

Warning – time sinkhole ahead.  A really fun and challenging one though. From Google Research comes Semantris. It’s a pair of word games driven by machine learning. You have a choice of playing for speed or for accuracy. I prefer to play for accuracy so head to the Blocks option. This is where the machineContinue reading “Them’s fighting words”

Need to know more

Right off the bat, I’ll admit that I don’t own a dedicated personal digital assistant. That doesn’t mean that I’m not interested; I just don’t have a need right now. At least, one that I know of. That can always change. If I’m within listening range, I can say “Hey, Google” and the Assistant comesContinue reading “Need to know more”

My, how you’ve grown

Doesn’t it seem like things have grown in your community over the years? I know that, around here, there are subdivisions where there were once farmers’ fields or forests. There’s another way to get a real sense of growth and what we’re doing to our communities and indeed, our planet. It’s called Google Timelapse.  TheContinue reading “My, how you’ve grown”

Where in the world is …

… Carmen Sandiego? No, this isn’t a post best written for a Sunday morning.  It’s a revival of the fun game from years gone by – now appearing in Google Earth! The premise is the same – a crime has been committed and you’ve been recruited to see if you can solve it.  You getContinue reading “Where in the world is …”