Gone phishing

How many times have we heard that the weakest part of any security measure is the person at the keyboard? Phishing is the name of the game and, unfortunately, the bad guys have won at this game so many times. How many times have we warned people about emails that are designed to get you to follow links that take you to places that aren't safe or healthy for you and/or your computer? How … Continue reading Gone phishing


It’s the game of the year

And it comes from Google. Check it out at this link - https://gameoftheyear.withgoogle.com/ If you think you know the internet, Google, and searching, here's your change to try it out. Just click the link and away you go. You'll be prompted with a search topic and have the ability to choose from some, at times, … Continue reading It’s the game of the year

Better answers

Yesterday, I had mused a bit about search engines.  I got some interesting questions - Dogpile?  Why certainly!  Why just "Go" when you can "Go Fetch"? Many people just stick with the default search engine that comes with their browser and that's OK.  Search engines generally all do a wonderful job of bringing back good … Continue reading Better answers