Your School’s Digital Footprint

Another of the things that the #otfcue group played around with at the workshop on Saturday was Google Search Stories.  It’s a simple concept with very powerful results.  Enter a search term, decide whether you want to search the web, blogs, images, etc. and repeat six times.  Google Search Stores creates little snippets illustrating yourContinue reading “Your School’s Digital Footprint”

My Three Things

Friday night and all day Saturday was a terrific learning experience for Ontario educators.  On Satuday, the Google Workshop for Educators was held at Humber College and Friday night was cause for a Tweetup of many who would be attending.  The Tweetup was very well attended as friends (physical and virtual) had a change toContinue reading “My Three Things”


Daily, we continue to explore Web 2.0 technologies.  They get better and better with each passing day.  Today, Google announced an enhancement to its terrific Gmail service. Themes. No more blah-ish email; you can change the familiar (boring?) background to any one of a number of different designs.  Some are even customizable once you’ve chosenContinue reading “Themes”

Not standing still

You have to really admire Google. They’ve come onto the scene and buried my traditional view of what search is all about.  Then, they nicely branch into other offerings.  A lesser company might stop to rest on its laurels. Not Google.  The company continues to add resources and features.  It’s really not about search; it’sContinue reading “Not standing still”