When You Just Want To Write

I’ve got to admit right up front.  I’ve never been a fan of Microsoft Word, the feature rich wordprocessor.  Perhaps all of the features that it has are needed by some but surely not by me.  I’ve never had cause to use all the bells and whistles and probably never will.  It’s not that I’mContinue reading “When You Just Want To Write”

An Essential Web Tool

Tagging on to my thoughts yesterday about life in a browser, there still is a nasty gotcha when working with files.  You’ve got this great file and you’re going to do something with it but it’s the wrong size or the wrong format or … What to do?  What to do?  Actually, if you haveContinue reading “An Essential Web Tool”

Biggest Takeaway from the Google Summit

I spent the weekend in Kitchener attending the Ontario Google Summit.  The neat thing about good professional learning events, in addition to the actual learning, is the chance to renew old friendships and to make some new ones.  Of course, when you head to Waterloo Region, there are plenty of people to meet again andContinue reading “Biggest Takeaway from the Google Summit”

Signing Off

There’s nothing like learning something new and I had it happen to me on the weekend.  My newest teacher, Sharon, needed me to sign off on something and forwarded me a PDF file to sign. Sigh, I thought.  I was in the mobile office here at dougpete labs.  It has a relaxing chair and aContinue reading “Signing Off”