Determining What Calls Home

I've done some thinking about computer security and privacy over the past while.  It's been precipitated by conversations with Gust Mees.  It's good thinking. We're all in the same boat.  Just think of the number of times you've clicked the checkbox beside this. My team of lawyers and I have read and studied your terms [...]

Self-Analysis of Twitter Etiquette

I read this post from Malhar Bahai “12 Most Basic Twitter Etiquette Tips” and found it really hit the mark.  Just sharing it was too simple so I decided to use it as a checkup for myself.  Here are my thoughts… 1. Don’t be an Egg Head Got it!  I absolutely agree.  Personally, I generally [...]


Daily, we continue to explore Web 2.0 technologies.  They get better and better with each passing day.  Today, Google announced an enhancement to its terrific Gmail service. Themes. No more blah-ish email; you can change the familiar (boring?) background to any one of a number of different designs.  Some are even customizable once you've chosen [...]