Simplify your email

I don’t normally do a lot of work with social media in the evenings. That’s family time and normally we’re out doing something. But, with the rain last night, we were home and I had my laptop open on the table next to me. This message from Peter Beens flew by… If you’re a GmailContinue reading “Simplify your email”

Two Gmail Features I’m Liking

I use Gmail as my email service to mange all things social.  So, if I email subscribe to a blog, follow a mailing list, subscribe to a service, it goes there.  I really wanted the address but I was slow off the marks and someone else has it.  Oh well.  Them’s the breaks. For theContinue reading “Two Gmail Features I’m Liking”

Determining What Calls Home

I’ve done some thinking about computer security and privacy over the past while.  It’s been precipitated by conversations with Gust Mees.  It’s good thinking. We’re all in the same boat.  Just think of the number of times you’ve clicked the checkbox beside this. My team of lawyers and I have read and studied your termsContinue reading “Determining What Calls Home”

Self-Analysis of Twitter Etiquette

I read this post from Malhar Bahai “12 Most Basic Twitter Etiquette Tips” and found it really hit the mark.  Just sharing it was too simple so I decided to use it as a checkup for myself.  Here are my thoughts… 1. Don’t be an Egg Head Got it!  I absolutely agree.  Personally, I generallyContinue reading “Self-Analysis of Twitter Etiquette”