March 2008 GEC Computers in the Classroom

Complete newsletter at: I had a panic call from a school this week. There was a Ministry of Education person there to do a presentation and the presentation file had a .pptx extension. The file had been brought on CD or memory key or something. I was pleased with the sophistication of the schoolContinue reading “March 2008 GEC Computers in the Classroom”

Who’s Going to Do it?

Mashups are applications that combine data sources from more than one traditional information services to produce a new resource that didn’t originally exist. It provides a richness to the information that the original designers may not have thought. I follow Will Richardson on Twitter. Recently, he twitted that he noted that Barack Obama was onContinue reading “Who’s Going to Do it?”

Makeover of Website

This project was derailed with the nice weather during the first part of the week. However, the weather turned which gave me all of the inspiration that I needed. The entire GEC Computers in the Classroom website was “made over”. I used it as an opportunity to proofread things and remove most of theContinue reading “Makeover of Website”