Them’s fighting words

Warning – time sinkhole ahead.  A really fun and challenging one though.

From Google Research comes Semantris.

It’s a pair of word games driven by machine learning.

You have a choice of playing for speed or for accuracy.

I prefer to play for accuracy so head to the Blocks option.


This is where the machine learning kicks in.

The concept here is to stop the bricks from reaching the top of the screen by trying to describe one of the words in a box.

It’s easy to play and describing how to play is actually pretty easy.  But, it’s not easy to beat and eventually, I lose.  But, in a good way.  Trying to figure out what’s going on is fascinating to me.

The other game is the Arcade and you’re playing for speed there.  It’s fun but I’m drawn back to the Blocks just because I like to feel like I’m watching my computer think.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

It’s the game of the year

And it comes from Google.

Check it out at this link –

If you think you know the internet, Google, and searching, here’s your change to try it out.

Just click the link and away you go.

You’ll be prompted with a search topic and have the ability to choose from some, at times, equally possible out comes. It sounds interesting but it’s not about you and your searching patterns. It’s about what the world is searching for.

You’ll probably end up making some choices on topics that you never have thought about. Me, anyway. Healing clay?

Oh, and the bonus rounds and trending concepts. This year or last?

It’s fun and engaging and the answers actually provide some fun, humour, and additional facts to make you that internet genius that you know you are.


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@nobleknits2 owes me a few hours of my life back!

She introduced me to GeoGuessr and it’s been an obsession ever since.

It’s a geographic game and the “Guessr” part of the name is unfortunate.  If you enjoy geography and can get clues from images, it’s really all about inquiry and discovery.  All in a game format.

The premise is pretty simple.  Start a game and the application pulls an image from somewhere in the world, courtesy of Google.  Look around in 3D for clues about the location.  Some are fairly intuitive; some may take some noodle scratching; and, I guess some just require a guess.

No matter how, you end up with an idea of where in the world the image is.  Click as close to the location as on the map as you can and then “Make a Guess”.

Score is determined by how close to the actual location you got.

Play a number of rounds and the game is over.  Check out your score.

Embarrassingly, here’s one of my games that I hammered through to do a screen capture for this post.  I need to brush up on my Portugese language skills and learn the difference between Australian locations and New Zealand locations!

If you’re a geography fan, you’ll enjoy it.  I think this would be a wonderful competitive activity for the geography classroom.

Give it a shot.  If you get hooked, be like me and blame @nobleknits2!