Browser Choices

I admit it.  I have a whole slew of internet browsers installed on my computers.  I keep looking for the perfect browser.  In my mind, it needs to be fast, secure, compatible with every website known to browserkind, work miracles with Flash and Silverlight, and handle Java, HTML 5, and CSS3 perfectly.  Oh, and render … Continue reading Browser Choices


Flock 2.5

I awoke this morning to some exciting news.  Overnight, the folks at Flock had released version 2.5 which they're saying is built on the latest version of Firefox.  This news came from their web ambassador Evan Hamilton. For the longest of times, Flock was my browser of choice.  I like its clean interface, its compatibility … Continue reading Flock 2.5

Flock 2

It was a pleasant surprise this morning.  The developers of the Flock web browser were pushing out the official release of version 2 of the web browser. This has long been my browser of choice with its functionality and security inherited from Firefox, paired with social networking functionality. In the beta releases, there were all … Continue reading Flock 2

My New Blog

It took me a long time to decide where to go permanently with my blog and I finally decided upon WordPress. I'm really pleased with the presentation and the functionality. And, you can comment on entries. It also allows me to do something that I've wanted to do for a while. I wanted to be … Continue reading My New Blog