Technology Integration Matrix

The Technology Integration Matrix is an interesting resource.  For the experienced teacher who is using technology well, it offers a confirmation that things are done well.  For the teacher struggling to engage students through the use of technology in lessons, it offers a world of ideas from the simple to the rather complex.  For theContinue reading “Technology Integration Matrix”

A Library for New Teachers

Just stumbled across this article. “The Best 50 Books for New Teachers” I recognize quite a few of them but certainly not all.  I think that the collection would be a nice starting point for a lending library at the district level for new teachers.  At the school level, a teacher-librarian would be immediately ofContinue reading “A Library for New Teachers”

Nimble Classrooms

For a great read, check out “How Will Classrooms Change With the Use of Computers?“ One of the quotes really resonated with me. “It’s going to be more about teachers having nimble classrooms.” To me, this means a number of things and many teachers are embracing it already although they may not have considered theirContinue reading “Nimble Classrooms”

Why Do We Have To Test?

  Next time you get that question in Computer Science, make reference to this link. It’s why testing and checking your code is so important.  The typical Grade 11 program may not necessarily be seen by anyone else other than the student and the teacher but there may come a day when the student getsContinue reading “Why Do We Have To Test?”

Always Learning, Always Connected

On my first day as a program consultant, I asked my superintendent what was the best way to introduce myself when visiting a school for the first time.  His answer made me smile “Just let your reputation open the doors for you”.  Whatever you do, don’t say, “I’m here from the board office and I’mContinue reading “Always Learning, Always Connected”