Thinking About Privacy

I think that the quality of a keynote address, at least for me, is the ability for it to make me think.  Driving home from ECOO, I’m still mulling around Nora Young’s talk about Big Data.  You can watch it, or rewatch it here. She gave lots of great suggestions about the types of dataContinue reading “Thinking About Privacy”

An Interview with Brenda Sherry and Peter Skillen

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview two of the top constructivist advocates in Ontario Education.  We discussed ECOO, directions in education and their original professional learning model, Minds on Media.  They’re regular participants on Twitter and also blog at The Learning Zone ( and The Construction Zone (  I’ve worked with both of theseContinue reading “An Interview with Brenda Sherry and Peter Skillen”

Socially Gearing up for the ECOO Conference

The Educational Computing Organization of Ontario’s annual conference is fast approaching.  Ontario (and other) educators will gather in Richmond Hill for this big event. Registration is open and available here. The keynote addresses by John Seely Brown, Norah Young, and Michael Fullen promise to get your mind thinking about what it means to be anContinue reading “Socially Gearing up for the ECOO Conference”

Look for it

  Pretty soon, you should see something like this on your favourite blog or wiki. Actually, it will probably look a whole lot better since I won’t be the one creating it but, for now, it’s a proof of concept. ECOO 2012 will happen on October 24-26 in Richmond Hill, Ontario.  The convention hall isContinue reading “Look for it”