An Incredible Mathematics Application

  This is an application that has me excited in so many ways that I think it’s a can’t miss for any mathematics teacher using a computer.  Calling itself a dynamic geometery application, Sketchometry is really something to play around with. First – the geeky part.  This is a perfect example of where I thinkContinue reading “An Incredible Mathematics Application”

Dropbox and Facebook

Sharing is so important.  Angela Maiers had written a post on her blog about Facebook + Dropbox being awesome as partners.  I read it with interest thinking that there might be a use for it and then forgot about it for a bit.  I just didn’t have a need to act on it right away.Continue reading “Dropbox and Facebook”

Deja Drop

  One of the most read post on this blog occurred on August 27, 2011.  At that time, I talked about using Dropbox as a Hand-in Folder for the classroom.  It’s a great concept…a student uses the website to send a file from your computer to her/his teacher.  No more relying on USB keysContinue reading “Deja Drop”

Doug’s Dozen

Anyone who’s been keeping their eyes open to great blog posts have seen posts like “Top 10 Word Processors for the iPad” or “Top 10 Utilities for the iPad”.  They’re pretty much a summary of what all is available within a particular category. That got me thinking…that would be great if I had a 64GBContinue reading “Doug’s Dozen”