An Interview with Zoe Branigan-Pipe

Zoe Branigan-Pipe (@zbpipe on Twitter) is one of those folks that I’ve known and interacted with online long, long before I ever met her.  If you’re wondering what a “21st Century Teacher” does, you need to follow Zoe. Recently, I had the opportunity to interview her.  Think you know Zoe?  Read on; I’ll bet there’sContinue reading “An Interview with Zoe Branigan-Pipe”

Great Day of Sharing and Learning

I started today as I normally would.  I grab a bowl of cereal and my iPad.  I open the News folder and then the Zite application. This is Doug’s current mode for finding out what’s happening.  It’s a big jump from the days when it used to be with a newspaper.  I’m constantly amazed atContinue reading “Great Day of Sharing and Learning”

An Interview with Shannon Smith

I first met Shannon at an OTF Professional Learning event but we stayed in touch over the years through our use of Social Media.  While at the event, we agreed upon the need for global connections, but we both could see the need to push for something uniquely Ontario.  This fall, Shannon assumes the roleContinue reading “An Interview with Shannon Smith”

An Interview with Royan Lee

Recently, if you’ve been following Royan Lee (@royanlee) on Twitter, you’ve had a glimpse of what his classroom will look like in a couple of weeks when school resumes.  He’s openly transparent about what he and his students do.  Yesterday, he posted about his students’ “Thinking Books” and that really got me thinking. In theContinue reading “An Interview with Royan Lee”