Your Subject Association Doesn’t Need a Web Site

A while back, a former superintendent wanted to know if I would help the OAJE (Ontario Association of Junior Educators) with their website.  I said sure – that would be something interesting to do. When I ran into is something that I think that happens to a lot of organizations.  Started by good intentioned people,Continue reading “Your Subject Association Doesn’t Need a Web Site”

Searching it All

When I’m searching for things on the internet, I really don’t want to spend time wandering around aimlessly trying one strategy and then another. I’ve had a lot of success by changing the way that I think about search. I like to frame my thoughts in the form of a question.  This helps me generateContinue reading “Searching it All”

I had a great learning experience yesterday! In my reading, I stumbled across this post from Educational Technology and Mobile Learning titled “7 GREAT BIBLIOGRAPHY AND CITATION TOOLS FOR STUDENTS“.  I thought that it would be worthy of sharing and so sent the link to Twitter.  From there, it would end up in my DiigoContinue reading “”

Forgive Me

Yesterday, I read this post “9 unforgivable blogging offenses“. I thought that the nine points were worthy of reflection on some of the things around here.  Hopefully, faithful readers will chirp in and let me know where I’m right and I’m wrong. 1. Your posts are all dense text. There are times when they are.Continue reading “Forgive Me”

IFTTT and Evernote

After my post yesterday, there was some interest in the IFTTT service so I thought that I’d share another example of how you might find it helpful.  In my original post, I explained how I used IFTTT to backup my Diigo account by following the RSS Feed and creating a new entry to Evernote wheneverContinue reading “IFTTT and Evernote”