Connected this morning

I am normally at the office at 6:15am to get started on the day’s workload.  It’s a great time to get started uninterrupted only by the sound of the caretaker and her vacuum cleaner and sometimes we chat about the ways that we would solve all of the ills of the world. This morning, IContinue reading “Connected this morning”

You are what you bookmark

Well, probably not, but it seemed like a nice idea for a blog post title. Leaving breadcrumbs from where you’ve explored the internet has always been important.  There was a time when I quite easily managed to find a web resource, whether it be article, application, or just something that attracted my attention, and thenContinue reading “You are what you bookmark”

How to work a PLN

Yesterday, TheCleverSheep made a post where he challenged us to identify the most important thing that we’ve learned from our PLN.  (Personal Learning Network)  In his post, he put a link to a Google Docs survey and made the results immediately visible. One of his questions was: “Which tool would you recommend as a startingContinue reading “How to work a PLN”

Problems with the new Delicious

Just a little update. If you’re a regular follower of this blog, you’ll note that there are typically two posts a day.  One is a set of thoughts from me and the second is a selection of internet websites. These sites are stored online in my Delicious account and the developers have provided a blogContinue reading “Problems with the new Delicious”