Technology Refresher

I just took a look at a David Pogue TED talk.  David is a favourite speaker here in Southwestern Ontario.  He’s keynoted the Western RCAC Symposium twice and helped shovel my car out of a snow drift once.  (it’s all part of the deal of coming to London in December). His tech talk is interesting.Continue reading “Technology Refresher”

This Week in Ontario Edublogs

It was another great week of content sharing from Ontario Edubloggers. Here’s some of what caught my eye. The Schools That We Want: Bring in the Shovels before you bring in the Cranes Stephen Hurley always challenges his readers by constantly asking them to define this, or put that in perspective.  His recent post surroundsContinue reading “This Week in Ontario Edublogs”

Customize your own Google Chrome

  Warning – slightly geeky post this morning. But, if you’re a Google Chrome user, I’ll bet you try it at least once! How many times have you looked for a Google Chrome theme that says “Hey, this is me…” and failed?  You’ll end up going back to the defaults or compromising on something close.Continue reading “Customize your own Google Chrome”