Day 2 at #CSTA13

Whew!  Got the title right this time.  My apologies to those of you who read my post about #CSTA11 yesterday.  I actually do my best to proofread before sending these things but somehow the actual date slipped through the cracks yesterday.  If you are interested in #CSTA11, I'm sure that I posted something about that … Continue reading Day 2 at #CSTA13


Free Sound Clips

If you're a digital storyteller or podcaster, you know the value of having sound clips in the middle of your creation. They can work as a lead in, a seque between moments, a concluding bit, or just something to spice it up in the middle.  Depending upon the program that you use, it may come … Continue reading Free Sound Clips

Isaac Turns 1

I can't believe that it's been a year since I had this conversation with my friend @doremigirl.  Back and forth, we had been talking about our kids and their passions.  She mentioned that her son had a passion for cartooning.  That really caught my attention because I think that's the first time I'd even heard … Continue reading Isaac Turns 1