Day 2 at #CSTA13

Whew!  Got the title right this time.  My apologies to those of you who read my post about #CSTA11 yesterday.  I actually do my best to proofread before sending these things but somehow the actual date slipped through the cracks yesterday.  If you are interested in #CSTA11, I’m sure that I posted something about thatContinue reading “Day 2 at #CSTA13”

Free Sound Clips

If you’re a digital storyteller or podcaster, you know the value of having sound clips in the middle of your creation. They can work as a lead in, a seque between moments, a concluding bit, or just something to spice it up in the middle.  Depending upon the program that you use, it may comeContinue reading “Free Sound Clips”

Isaac Turns 1

I can’t believe that it’s been a year since I had this conversation with my friend @doremigirl.  Back and forth, we had been talking about our kids and their passions.  She mentioned that her son had a passion for cartooning.  That really caught my attention because I think that’s the first time I’d even heardContinue reading “Isaac Turns 1”

Two Posts About Real and Significant Change

I ran into two really good readings that should make anyone stop and think.  There are so many people talking about being on top of things and understanding the latest and greatest.  In this case, it’s Digital Textbooks and Learning Commons.  Absorb these  and be prepared to challenge anyone who comes along and uses theContinue reading “Two Posts About Real and Significant Change”

Perfect Ontario EduTweeters

Recently, my friend @alfredtwo let me know that I had made one of those lists.  This time it was the Top 55 Connected Educators and published by @mytowntutors.  Now, a lot of times these things are popularity contests or re-hashes of someone else’s blog post with a top 10 list or something.  Alfred and IContinue reading “Perfect Ontario EduTweeters”