Mid to Late August

I can tell you this – the worst time of year to have a birthday when you’re a kid – mid to late August.  You wait and wait and wait all summer with great anticipation for the big day.  It’s here and then gone.  The moment it’s gone, you’re into back to school countdown.  The coup de grâce?  Getting new school clothes or new school supplies!

I guess the worst of the worst of the years would be the summer that you turn 16.  You wait and wait and wait to get your beginner’s license and then it’s back to school and no practice driving for you.

Everywhere you turn, it gets rubbed in.

My wife and I just returned from a few days car tripping throughout southern Ontario.  There was no time commitments so we took a lot of paths less travelled and passed a lot of schools.  It’s amazing the number of times that you see signs like this sitting in front of schools.

The irony of the message is that school actually only starts for a few students – those entering junior or senior kindergarten.  If we believe that learning is life long, I’ve often wondered by the signs don’t say “School Resumes …” or “School Continues …”

What would you put on YOUR sign?  Serious and funny replies are all enjoyed.