Twitter meets an Encyclopaedia

The irony of this is so interesting. When we think of encyclopedias, we think of large collections of volumes on library shelves or multimedia CD-ROMs or online resources that marry images, other media, and text. When we think of Twitter, we think of something short and to the point, not terribly rich in the details and certainly not inclusive of media. That’s what links are for, right?

So, it was with curiosity that I started to follow the Encyclopaedia Britannica on Twitter!

It was from here that I discovered Britannica’s Webshare program.

A special program for web publishers, including bloggers, webmasters, and anyone who writes for the Internet. You get complimentary access to the Encyclopaedia Britannica online and, if you like, an easy way to give your readers background of the topics you write about with links to complete Britannica articles.

What a concept. Check it out at,

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