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The following message appears courtesy of John Scott.  It’s about an exciting project underway entitled “Rubber Side Down:  From the Rockies to the Rock”.  You can be part of this project at a number of levels.  Please read the details below.  We are very proud that our son Andy  is part of this project.  We understand that one of the showings of the movie will be at the Capitol Theatre in Windsor and are looking forward to it.  More details to follow.


Hi Supporters of the Powered by Community Cross Country Ride for Crohn’s and Colitis (wow that is a mouthful)

Happy New Year to you all and Thanks so much for your support of Greg and Vin’s VERY successful ride last year, raising over $60,000 so far and reaching thousands of people affected by IBD.

SO, what does 2009 hold for us….well, the boys filmed their whole adventure last summer and we are planning to release a movie of this adventure in April. And the working title of the movie is…..ready…..drumroll please:

RUBBER SIDE DOWN: From the Rockies to the Rock!

This full length film is being put together as we speak (and over the next 3 months) by our own Andy Peterson…..YES the ANDY PETERSON of Survivorman fame. Andy has just finished editing Season 3 of Discovery Channel’s (and OLN) Survivorman, and is now a full time devotee to RUBBER SIDE DOWN! We are very blessed to have Andy’s time and talent going into this movie!

We want you all to stick with us and tell others about this new project for Powered by Community…so here is the NEW Facebook group to join if you have not already:


AND A QUICK HEADS UP….if you think you may be able to help us with this project, we would love to hear from you! We are looking for sponsors, locations to screen the movie, people with marketing skills, volunteers of all types for various duties and responsibilities all across North America for when this comes out in April! If YOU think you have something to offer this movie….please message us and lets start chatting!

Bye for now,

Thanks for your ongoing support!

John Scott

Associate Producer and CCFC Volunteer
Rubber Side Down: From the Rockies to the Rock!


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A Community for Cars

PCWorld reports on IBM’s five predictions for the future at: http://www.pcworld.com/article/id,140683/article.html?tk=nl_dnxnws.

The one intriguing prediction surrounds making your car one with the road. For years, the infrastructure has been been laid along with road construction. This prediction sees cars communicating with the roadway with the result being more efficient and safer travel. Street lights that adjust to traffic patterns and alternative routes.

It makes sense. Over the past couple of years, there has been a huge surge in sales of GPS units. Once the domain of the hard-wired geographer, they are now commodity units for everyone and are standard on many new vehicles. I know that with my unit, it has discovered the secret paths through the city of Windsor for me. Ouellette Avenue and Tecumseh Road are now not my only options for travel and it does result in faster travel.

Before Christmas, I was waiting at one of our schools and there was a notice posted outside the kiss and ride area that indicated that if you’re going to idle your car for more than 10 seconds, you save gas by turning off your car and waiting.

So, if the logic is extended to more reasonable travel patterns, think of the gas that can be saved by alternative routes or traffic lights that do react to traffic patterns. This, to say nothing of the tempers that flow over when you’re sitting and sitting and sitting and idling.

If some form of technology taps into the community of cars and gives us better alternatives for travelling, there’s a great deal to be gained.