Collaborative drawing

I'm a big fan of collaborating on drawings. I'll bet you are too. I've mentioned products here in the past.  And, perhaps your district has one installed or recommended for you.  If you don't have one at the ready or looking for an alternative, check out Whiteboard Fox. What appeals to me is the … Continue reading Collaborative drawing


Challenge your students

In 5 clues... This is a resource created by Michael Soskil and I'll warn you right now, from personal experience, it's a rabbit hole. A very nice rabbit hole! It uses technology but it isn't about technology. In fact, I could think of various ways to include technology but I think that would take away … Continue reading Challenge your students


Last night, at the Ontario Educators' Meetup, Ben Hazzard presented on the topic of "Connecting Teachers for Cross Classroom Collaboration".  In the presentation, he related some of the successes that he has had with projects that involved connecting his students to others outside the school. The concept of collaborating on a common project is a … Continue reading Collaboration

Group Conversations

There are huge potential when all of the elements start to come together. When people talk about the Read/Write web (sometimes called Web 2.0), they get excited with the potential of anyone becoming a potential publisher of information. Witness the explosion of blogs. In a previous life, people posted web pages and those of us … Continue reading Group Conversations