All I want for Christmas

If that title doesn’t demand a song, I don’t know what does… According to my wife, I’m the hardest person to buy Christmas gifts for. My response always is “If you paid attention, you’d know …” That hasn’t erupted into a fight yet but it’s still early in December. On the other side of theContinue reading “All I want for Christmas”

10 Starter iPad Apps, 2013 Version

I started this Christmas list of applications on the iPad in 2010.  It’s interesting to see what’s stayed and what’s gone.  It’s shared here for those of you lucky enough to score an iPad for Christmas.  I’ve had to do some weeding this year and you’ll see some titles with a strike through.  They mayContinue reading “10 Starter iPad Apps, 2013 Version”

Taking Care of Christmas

It’s Sunday morning and I’m sitting down to do some reading.  I turn on CMT for some background music and I hear a song oddly familiar and yet different! It’s a remix of Randy Bachman’s “Taking Care of Business” – only this time in duet with Beverley Mahood.  Very nicely done.  I wonder if it’sContinue reading “Taking Care of Christmas”