A Community for Cars

PCWorld reports on IBM’s five predictions for the future at: http://www.pcworld.com/article/id,140683/article.html?tk=nl_dnxnws.

The one intriguing prediction surrounds making your car one with the road. For years, the infrastructure has been been laid along with road construction. This prediction sees cars communicating with the roadway with the result being more efficient and safer travel. Street lights that adjust to traffic patterns and alternative routes.

It makes sense. Over the past couple of years, there has been a huge surge in sales of GPS units. Once the domain of the hard-wired geographer, they are now commodity units for everyone and are standard on many new vehicles. I know that with my unit, it has discovered the secret paths through the city of Windsor for me. Ouellette Avenue and Tecumseh Road are now not my only options for travel and it does result in faster travel.

Before Christmas, I was waiting at one of our schools and there was a notice posted outside the kiss and ride area that indicated that if you’re going to idle your car for more than 10 seconds, you save gas by turning off your car and waiting.

So, if the logic is extended to more reasonable travel patterns, think of the gas that can be saved by alternative routes or traffic lights that do react to traffic patterns. This, to say nothing of the tempers that flow over when you’re sitting and sitting and sitting and idling.

If some form of technology taps into the community of cars and gives us better alternatives for travelling, there’s a great deal to be gained.