Happy Canada Day!

What will you do to celebrate?

Our town’s itinerary is here.

What? No fireworks? Apparently, the area on Boblo Island where the fireworks would normally be hosted so that we can view them on the mainland is flooded out. It’s been a rough spring.

Hopefully, a rain check.

Happy Canada Day, everyone.

July 1

Today is July 1.  In Canada, that means at least two big celebrations.  In Newfoundland and Labrador, it’s Memorial Day.  Throughout Canada, it’s Canada Day.  It’s a day to celebrate Canada as a country.  Hopefully, you’ll see red and white and flags everywhere.  Around here, there’s a full day of things planned, culminating in the mandatory fireworks display at Fort Malden.

Flags in Downtown Amherstburg

I know that many visitors to this website are not Canadian.  To help you understand and appreciate, I’m including the epic “Tom Brokaw Explains Canada to Americans”.

And, for fun and pride, a current video from Molson

Happy Canada Day.