About Negative Behaviour

I got a little pushback today when I shared this article via Twitter.  “How To Address Negative Student Behavior in 1:1 Classrooms“. In the article, the author Keith Sorensen did a nice job of identifying and describing potential areas for behaviour issues. Technology becomes the distraction; Distracting other students; Difficulty evaluating information; Less interest in theContinue reading “About Negative Behaviour”

10 worst-case BYOD scenarios (and how to prevent them)

One of my favourite reads when it comes to technology is TechRepublic.  Consistently, it provides great insights on topics that I’m interested in.  This morning was no different.  An article, with the title of this blog post, appeared today and takes on the topic of BYOD.  The focus of the article is the business world.  However,Continue reading “10 worst-case BYOD scenarios (and how to prevent them)”