Earlier this week, I received my invitation to use the RockMelt browser and so decided to give it a go.  It was a relatively quick download and I was ready to go. My first impression was – hey, this is Google Chrome.  In fact, it’s based upon the code from the Chromium project and soContinue reading “RockMelt”

The Little Things

Sometimes, it’s the little things that put you over the top.  One of the things that can really help productivity online is to have a good start.  I’ve tried most everything thing from the configuration in the browsers to using services like Tizmo or Symbaloo.  All lend a certain element of functionality that speeds upContinue reading “The Little Things”

More Browser Thinking

I’ve decided that what I want in my browser is everything and everything fast.  That’s why stories like this one from Lifehacker command my attention when I see them in my daily browsing. This time, the article was about speed and the headlines were about the speed tests surrounding Google’s Chrome Browser and the OperaContinue reading “More Browser Thinking”