Kicking the tires on Opera GX

In a world where every browser pretty much looks the same, I was intrigued with the announcement that Opera was going to release a gaming browser. The preview picture had me interested; the features are interesting. The default colours are an LED looking red on a black background. Of course, I had to change it … Continue reading Kicking the tires on Opera GX


Who’s laughing now?

I get a number of strange looks when people realize that I have a number of web browsers on this computer. I agree that it can be a bit of overkill. In addition to learning the nuances of each, there's the challenge of keeping them up to date. It could have paid off this weekend … Continue reading Who’s laughing now?


Earlier this week, I received my invitation to use the RockMelt browser and so decided to give it a go.  It was a relatively quick download and I was ready to go. My first impression was – hey, this is Google Chrome.  In fact, it’s based upon the code from the Chromium project and so … Continue reading RockMelt

The Little Things

Sometimes, it's the little things that put you over the top.  One of the things that can really help productivity online is to have a good start.  I've tried most everything thing from the configuration in the browsers to using services like Tizmo or Symbaloo.  All lend a certain element of functionality that speeds up … Continue reading The Little Things