All about me

I have a meeting with my superintendent this morning to do a little reflection on goals and directions.  It’s always a great exercise to have someone else help you peer inside yourself to see what’s going on and if you’re on the right track. To assist myself in the design, I decided to take aContinue reading “All about me”

Rot on the Internet

In education, we’re quick to jump on band wagons.  Some are sustained; some just come and go.  For example, consider Webquests.  When Bernie Dodge promoted the concept, it was seen as the saviour to the use of the internet.  Lots of workshops and presentations were given on the topic.  Many faculties of education assigned webquestContinue reading “Rot on the Internet”

A Different Type of Blog

Set aside a few minutes to check out Patrick Moberg’s bog.  This is completely different and shows what an artist can do to blog with original art and pictures instead of words.  I just spent more than a few minutes.  Fascinating And, in celebration of the recent US election, check out the images ofContinue reading “A Different Type of Blog”