Make sure you look good

For many people, they design on their familiar desktop, publish, and walk away … it’s all good.

And it probably was for the browser that you used to create the document/page that you’re using. But, what about the version of your design as displayed on a phone or a tablet?

If you’re using any of the modern content management systems, you probably are good to go but it’s nice to just check. A new (to me at least) web browser Blisk is worth the download.

Blisk is the first developer-oriented browser. It provides businesses with a development workspace for the teams and freelancers to develop and test modern web applications twice faster.

Blisk is based on the Chromium project so if you’re comfortable with Chrome, Brave, Opera, or Edge, you’re good to go.

Upon launching, it’s worth taking the quick tutorial to get a sense of what the browser will do. The most noticeable thing though is the toolbox on the left part of the screen.

You’ll notice the scrolling and other settings immediately.

Enticingly, there’s a scrolling display of devices. So, if you wanted to know what your work effort might look like on a different device, just select it.

This is what this blog post would look like on a Samsung S6.

Beyond the aesthetics, there are additional features like screen capture, error checking, etc. along with cloud storage.

It’s also a fun little rabbit hole being able to browse the web and see it displayed on two devices at once. Finally, having a wide screen on the computer pays off!