Ramona’s challenge

Yesterday, I got a challenge from Ramona Meharg that I couldn’t ignore. I like things that are artificial intelligence-y and this seemed to have that type of approach so I gave it a shot. The website is called Akinator. The concept is pretty simple; sort of a digital spin to the 20 questions game thatContinue reading “Ramona’s challenge”

Help with old photos

One of my favourite Adobe Photoshop Elements workshops to conduct involved demonstrating how to colourize old black and white photos.  I used to use a wedding photo of my mom and dad as my exemplar.  People were encouraged to bring in their own black and white images and work with them. It was a greatContinue reading “Help with old photos”

Looking for someone I used to know

I still can’t find him or her. But I’m looking. I’m not really looking for anyone specific.  Just anyone I used to know. Anyone who has ever walked through a shopping mall knows that there are so many different faces.  I recall once that Vicky Loras told me she saw my Doppelgänger in Switzerland.  IContinue reading “Looking for someone I used to know”

What’s Next with Robots? – Teaching Them to Lie?

My first experience with robots was with Rosie the Robot from the Jetsons. Here was the perfect servant for the home. She did everything that you would expect from a maid and never tired. She had empathy with the family and a real personality. She had her down time too, but for the most part,Continue reading “What’s Next with Robots? – Teaching Them to Lie?”