My Year on Facebook

Just like the link I shared yesterday about a year’s analysis of your time on Twitter, a similar feature is available for your Facebook activity.  Not surprisingly, the presentation looks just like a typical timeline.

To create this timeline, log in to Facebook, go to your home page and look for this button or just go to

Facebook determines and displays what it considers to me your 20 biggest events from the past year.  This could be a post or a checkin or a picture or even a gallery.  Just going through the list is a nice walk through some memories.  I’m not sure that these were necessarily my biggest moments but they’re definitely good moments.

For me, I have more of a personal / family content that might not be of terrible interest to anyone else except the family.  Chances are you don’t care that I went to Amherstburg’s War of 1812 celebrations or took pictures of the River Lights display but they were nice memories for me.  And, if you did care, we’re probably already friends and it will be a memory walk for you too!  After all, I added 75 new friends this year.

I know that many schools are using Facebook as a way to build community within the school and by inviting parents to stay in touch by being part of the online Facebook presence.

Just like a review of the use of Twitter, I think this woul be a nice year-end review of the sorts of things that your school has done and share to Facebook.  You did take and post lots of pictures of the events, didn’t you?

Just make sure that when you generate your timeline that you post it to your Facebook page for everyone in your community to enjoy.

Of course, Alfred

Yesterday, my friend Alfred Thompson threw this Twitter message by me…

Now, I know that he doesn’t get it.  When we’re together at events like the CSTA Symposium, he just doesn’t understand it when I complain loudly that I long for a good cup of coffee.

But still, he felt compelled to run this Twitter message by me.

Half an hour later, I felt strangely compelled to have a cup of coffee to accompany me on a dog walk.  I have three options in Amherstburg – two formal Tim Horton’s shops and the one at the local Walmart.  I just had to check-in at the Tim Horton’s on the way to the Navy Yard.

I’ve still got it!

However, I do wonder about the original assertion from the @stats_canada so I’ve got a query in to the account.  I might find it more believable if the statement was “1 in 3 Canadians using FourSquare is a Mayor at a Tim Horton’s”.  Regardless, it keeps the misconception alive.

I wonder to any Canadian readers here – are you a FourSquare mayor at a Tim Horton’s?

For any non-Canadians or Americans not fortunate enough to have one in your neighbourhood and are wondering what the heck is going on, click here.

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