OTR Links 02/04/2016

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A news digest

One of the neat things about going to the dentist (at least our dentist) is that he has a computer screen at each station to divert your attention from his job.  On the screen every time I go there is the landing page for yahoo.ca.  It’s not necessarily everyone’s landing page but it’s a good one for this purpose because, as a portal to information, there’s always a great deal to read.

With the demise of Zite, I’m always on the lookout for a replacement news reader.  The Yahoo! page is OK on portable but I got to thinking that there might be something better.  So, I started poking around and there is.  It’s called Yahoo News Digest.  It’s perfect for portable where you don’t always have time to read and scroll through long involved stories.  It’s a perfect summary of things that you might want to know and a great dog walking companion!

Delivered in the morning and the evening, I’m finding that it’s an interesting place to start reading.  There’s no digging or deep scrolling through various levels or categories.  Typically, there are around 10 top stories treated in a nicely appealing visual fashion.  The related stories and researched background for each story makes it very interesting and a worthwhile application to get started.  A little story wheel at the bottom lets you know how many of the stories you’ve clicked through to read.

Want more than 10 stories and related articles? – just click on the read more button …

You never miss a chance to read a digest because it shows up on the phone screen as a notification when your latest issue is ready.

I think that the format is perfect for portable.  It truly isn’t just a regular website repurposed for a smaller screen.  It’s a completely different approach.

To date, it’s been a great addition to my readings collections.  From an education perspective, it gives a real reason to writing topic summaries.

OTR Links 02/03/2016

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Healthy work culture

My morning smile came as I checked my overnight Twitter stream.  Then, it turned to a question.

At the Bring IT Together Conference last November, I attended a presentation by Sylvia Duckworth about how to create Sketchnotes.  I figured that, just by being in her presence, I’d somehow get the inspiration and skill to create my own.  I’ve got an idea that I would like to turn into one, just to say that I did.

As of this posting, it’s still a work in progress.  I’m trying; I really am.  It just isn’t coming together in any shape that wouldn’t embarrass me.  Fortunately, we have her expertise to keep us thinking and learning.

But, enough about my shortcomings.

Her latest offering appears below.

It’s part of my Sylvia collection.

After I enjoyed her work, I did my part and reshared her announcement of the Sketchnote.  It has been received well by others and I’m getting notices of it being liked and reshared.  That’s the good part of social media – good people recognizing and sharing good things.

Then, I sat down and took a good long look at the five links in her chain.  I think that the note is timely, coming a week after Bell’s Let’s Talk Day.

Why is there success about this day?  Because it’s not addressed openly and positively in the workplace and society.  Ask any employer and they’ll probably respond “Yes, we have a program.”  In fact, there may be a program or a mission statement within the organization for all of the links in the chain.  The program somehow checks off a box on a to-do list.

But, it must go further than that.  Take another look at the Sketchnote and Sylvia’s choice of words in the title.

She’s not identifying programs or statements; she’s identifying a culture within the workplace.

That’s an entirely different ball game. 

So the question and concern is this – take a look within your organization.  Are these links part of your culture?  Or are they just a program so that you can put a checkmark beside it and move on to something else.

Are you living it within your culture?

OTR Links 02/02/2016

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Curating Groundhogs

It’s that time of year.  With the calendar rolling over the February, it’s time to count the weeks/days until March Break.

Or, in the immediate future, there’s always Groundhog Day tomorrow.  It’s generally a happy type of day although not so much this year in Winnipeg.

This post is a post from the past – last year – where I shared the Groundhog Day resources that I’ve curated over the years.

Enjoy – Curating Groundhogs from 2015.

As I copied and pasted that link, I noticed that it had a -5 at the end of it.  That’s WordPress’ way of saying that there are five posts all with the same title.  I guess I’ve really gotten into groundhogs over the years.

Here’s a link to all of them.

OTR Links 02/01/2016

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