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  • The computer I can’t get rid of

    In 2010, I treated myself and bought a new computer. It was a Sony Vaio and a real powerhouse at the time. It has an Intel i7 processor, a 500GB hard drive, an incredible screen, a wonderful chicklet keyboard with all kinds of programmable extra keys, and 4GB of RAM, running Windows 7. If I’d… Continue reading

  • Instantly more productive

    I’d read about this feature for a long time and pretty much ignored it. I just didn’t have a need for it. Until yesterday. On Sundays, there are three big tasks to do around here. First, I write a post for Monday morning. Second, I write a post summarising my previous week and schedule it… Continue reading

  • Still waiting

    When I upgraded my computer from Windows 10 to Windows 11, I thought that the experience would be like Windows 10, only better. It seemed to me that the logical thing was to take the existing code and add features, tweak here and there and keep on going. I suppose that, for the most part,… Continue reading

  • Overkill?

    It comes as a bit of irony that I read this article on my Chromebook this morning. Surface Laptop 4 15-inch vs. MacBook Pro 16-inch: Which is better? Even before I read the article, I knew what the conclusion would be. It’s a comparision piece and I’ve seen so many of the years. It’s written… Continue reading

  • Productivity

    So far, my experience with Windows 11 has been kind of ho-hum. And, I mean that in a good way. It works really well; the applications that I’ve always used are there and function as well as with Windows 10 or better. I’m not fussy about the widgets so, quite honestly, am not using them.… Continue reading