A New Start with Education

I had lunch yesterday with Charlie Wright (@cerwright on Twitter).  Charlie is the deputy mayor of Leamington.  Leamington certainly has been in the news in the recent past with the announcement that the 100 year old Heinz facility was being closed.  Reports are that 740 jobs in that industry would be lost. The recent good [...]

Spare me the Drudgery

There has been a great deal of buzz about the Khan Academy and how it might have an impact on education.  On the one side, we have seen the thoughts from people like Bill Gates on the matter.  On the other side, we read the thoughts of passionate educators.  One of the most passionate and [...]

Rubber Side Down Done

Last night was the big premiere of my son Andy's movie "Rubber Side Down" in Windsor, Ontario.As I indicated yesterday, the movie detailed the travels of two Amherstburg lads as they biked from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean, covering some 8000 km.The setting was the beautiful Capitol Theatre and just about every seat [...]

World Premiere

Tonight at 7:30 at the Capitol Theatre in Windsor, Ontario is the world premier of the movie "Rubber Side Down".  You can see the trailer on their website "Powered By Community".The concept was simple - just bike across Canada - about 8000 km worth of peddling.  The trip was completed over three months and the [...]

Survivorman Rocks Huntsville

As part of Huntsville's Festival of the Arts, Les Stroud performed to a sold out audience at the Huntsville Theatre last night and I was fortunate enough to be there. The show was billed as a marriage of multimedia from the popular television show and Stroud's original compositions. Except for the encore, the show was [...]