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  • A new Opera

    Those that know me know that I like to tinker. One of the things that I probably tinker with the most are my web browsers. I’ve long been a fan of the Opera Browser. So many of the things that we take for granted have been developed and perfected by this team. So, if you… Continue reading

  • Lucid

    If you read this blog frequently enough, you’ll find me talking about a web browser. Bouncing from one to another is something that I enjoy doing. A lot of times, I’ll end up with the Opera browser. It has built-in an advertising blocker, a VPN and a whole lot of other innovative things. I fired… Continue reading

  • My Opera

    Not the browser this time. My timeline was just filled with people talking much about Google’s Blob Opera that I just had to try it out. And, wow, there went the entire afternoon! In the end, I wasn’t able to create anything shareworthy but I had so much fun playing around. Basically, you have four… Continue reading

  • Outing the trackers

    Earlier this month, I had written about Firefox and its new “Enhanced Privacy Protection”. If you follow me around, you know a couple of things: I’m concerned about websites tracking me as I spend my time online reading various things. I want to be in charge and don’t want options that something or someone else… Continue reading

  • Getting serious about privacy

    I think we’ve all heard of the stories – I mention that I was looking to buy this or I did a search for that product and then, lo and behold, advertisements for that product appears on your desktop. Coincidence or not, it’s pretty freaky when it happens. A long time ago, I took action… Continue reading