Dropbox as a Hand-in Folder

Dropbox is a terrific utility for storing files online.  It’s accessible with any computer that can connect to the internet.  (Don’t ignore the fact that your portable device is also a computer…)  If you’re interested in cloud storage, this is the real deal.  Just upload to your Dropbox account and access it from anywhere.  ItContinue reading “Dropbox as a Hand-in Folder”

Canadian History

I really like serendipity.  Just when you think that you’ve got things nailed, something comes along to change the way that you might use a tool. Such a happening occurred yesterday.  I got a new follower – @canadatimeline. Just the day previously, I had a conversation with a friend about the amount of non-Canadian contentContinue reading “Canadian History”

An Open Source Goldmine

I’m excited. Like many people, I want to have it all.  While I’m working on moving most of what I do to the web, there are still times when nothing beats having the right software on your computer.  Like many people of my ilk, I work interchangeably in Windows, Macintosh, and Ubuntu environments.  If IContinue reading “An Open Source Goldmine”

You Are What You Tweet

Your Twitter account contains an incredible amount of information just waiting to be harvested and organized.  The service Visual.ly is there to help the cause.  Since it was first announced, I was eager to see how it would do what it purported and now I (and you) can! Visual.ly takes the data from your TwitterContinue reading “You Are What You Tweet”