When to Tweet?

I originally tried out SocialBro just to see what it’s all about.  After all, in a data driven world, you can’t have enough data, right?  <tongue in cheek>  I did have a purpose at first; I was looking for a utility that would let me know when someone unfollows me on Twitter.  At the time,Continue reading “When to Tweet?”

Getting More Comfortable with Pinterest

Today, I spent a little more time learning about how Pinterest works.  I think I’m starting to see the way that it might fit into my personal routine.  At present, I’m using: This blog where I record my own original thoughts, share resources, or to comment on others; Diigo to bookmark resources as I findContinue reading “Getting More Comfortable with Pinterest”

Cube for K-12 Teachers

The computer using teacher is always looking for high quality resources.  In an ever-changing technology world, there are always new and better resources available for classroom use.  You just have to find them. Many of us will use bookmarking services like Delicious or Diigo or a Wiki to collect and share resources.  Another alternative isContinue reading “Cube for K-12 Teachers”

Backing up Diigo

This is not intended to cast anything disparaging in the direction of Diigo.  It’s a great service, I store virtually everything that I find as internet resources to my Diigo account for reference later on and it’s also the default search engine in my browser.  I also make it publically available to anyone who caresContinue reading “Backing up Diigo”

Day 1 with the new Delicious

I have my latest bookmarks saved as a message to this blog.  It’s done overnight so that it’s not intrusive to people.  I find it really handy for my own purposes when I need to quickly backtrack to find a recent bookmark.  The process goes like this… I find an interesting web resource; I clickContinue reading “Day 1 with the new Delicious”