Business to Education

I have a favourite line in a Murray McLauchlin album - "We're all in sales".  I guess that it's not always immediately obvious. But nowhere in education is it more obvious than in blogging.  From the youngest blogger to the most experienced, we're all selling something.  Usually, it's ideas and there's certainly nothing wrong with [...]

What Does Learnist for PD Mean?

I’ve been keeping a lot of resources for a long time.  I felt the need to do so when I had a computer at home and a computer at work.  It was then that I realized that bookmarking a link on my computer was a pretty limiting activity.  Even more limiting was bookmarking different resources [...]

8 Weeks to Web 2.0

Do you want to learn about Web 2.0 this summer? Probably not, right?  You know all about it and that’s why you’re reading this blog.  You’ve got it nailed. But, you probably know or work with someone who needs to be brought up to speed on what this is all about.  Maybe you’re tired of [...]

When to Tweet?

I originally tried out SocialBro just to see what it's all about.  After all, in a data driven world, you can't have enough data, right?  <tongue in cheek>  I did have a purpose at first; I was looking for a utility that would let me know when someone unfollows me on Twitter.  At the time, [...]