Thanks to my friend Janice for wrecking a perfectly good night’s sleep.  Actually, I should take part of the blame for my habit of playing Scrabulous in the middle of the night.

She sent me a message asking if I’d seen or used FancyZoom.  Nope, but since I was already up, I did a quick search and landed on the author’s page.

Seemed simple enough; just put a few files on the server, make reference to them and voila. 

In the spirit of NECC preparations, I knew that I had some Alamo pictures on the webserver already so I whipped up a page quickly for her to test the concept.  It plays nicely.  I’ll file this under additional ways to get images to display nicely on a webpage in the future.

Thanks, Janice.

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More than ever

This is a very scary piece of information from Sophos.,144181-pg,1/article.html

There are those that would make our computer come to its knees.  But, 1 Million viruses?  That’s a scary number to try and get your head around.  It’s just another affirmation of the need to make sure that your anti-malware products are up to date and patched with the latest and greatest.  At the same time, your anti-malware product needs to be updated at the same time.

Sometimes, I think that we all get smug and confident that we’re doing the right thing and our system does its best to keep us safe.  Is it really?

If you want to find out just how big this is?  Take a visit to the Secunia security website.  You can subscribe to a mailer that lets you know when a security patch is released. 

We all suffer in this context.  Depending upon the anti-malware that you’re using, your computer’s performance may take a hit as it scans files or downloads updates.  Booting your computer takes longer as anti-malware is just another piece of software that’s automatically loaded.

But, worst of all is the frustration of trying to re-build a computer from scratch after major damage has taken place.

Check out the article and you’ll find close to a million reasons to keep your computer updated and secure.

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A Day Late

But still fun all the same.

Just when you thought that it was safe to use your computer, delve into the world of Easter Eggs.

Easter Eggs aren’t new.  They’ve been around since programmers thought that it would be cool to throw in a little extra added value to the original software.  A collection of those that are known appears here:

It’s kind of cute when the egg opens a new level or changes the character in a game application.  Cheat codes are very similar.

I think it’s a different thing, though, when an Easter Egg is hidden in a productivity program.  Wouldn’t it be nicer if the same effort went into making the program error free?

When you visit, check out the background about why Easter Eggs are included in software.  Interesting reading.

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Blogs to Go

With all of the information, and really good information, that’s available, sometimes staying on top of them all can be a daunting task. If you check many people’s blogs on places like WordPress, you’ll see that they often include Blogrolls. A blogroll is really just a listing of other blogs that you indicate to the world that you read on a regular basis. Through the concept of blogrolling, you add to the concept of the web by easily webbing from blog to blog.

In reality, a lot of these people are lying! They don’t read all those blogs. It’s a status symbol to say that you have so and so’s blog on your blogroll so that visitors to your blog think, wow, this person is really connected. After all, there are only so many hours in the day. You can’t spend them all reading blogs, can you?

Who says that you have to READ blogs? Maybe you could just LISTEN to them instead!

Well, let’s analyse the part of the day that you’re not reading blogs. It could be when you’re driving, our for a little exercise, or in an airplane, or just sitting in a chair reading. Get yourself an account on Blogbard. This service will read blogs to you. Even better, rather than doing it online, download the blog post to your iPod and listen to it when you can. What a great concept. You now have your own personal blogging radio station.  You may have to upgrade your car to get a radio with an audio jack but it’s a small price to pay!

It’s not going to replace your favourite podcasts as the voice is computer generated and you don’t have the same inflections that a regular recording would have but you have the content.

Now, you can say with confidence, I do pay attention to the blogs in my blogroll. Sometimes I read them; sometimes I listen to them.

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Spam Pays

And apparently very well.

The timing is very appropriate as we enter into tax season.  We all find spam in the mailbox annoying but this article puts a dollar figure to it. 

Suppose that you were going to go legit with this operation and pay your taxes.  How would you explain your profession to the good folks at H&R Block?  Self employed?

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The joys of a March Break

One of the nice things about a March Break is to get a chance to clean up and catch up on things. I’m hoping that somewhere along the line I’ll get a chance to clean up the ol’ hard drive and pare down the number of messages in my mailbox.

Until then, though, I’m playing with Firefox Extensions.

I’m an Extensions fanatic. I’m always looking for more extensions to enhance the browsing experience.

I found one this morning that is just cool. It doesn’t add any functionality to the process. It’s just plain cool and my hat is off to the author.

Check out Tab Effect at:

If you present in a browser rather than Microsoft Powerpoint Presentations and have always wanted to have the flipper transition effect of Keynote, this is your baby. Works nicely so far in Flock.Flo

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Just what is it?

OK, it’s not a Palm. It’s not a Windows CE Device. It’s not a Blackberry.  It’s a bizarre looking device, brand new, so I guess it would spark some curiosity.

It’s also the sort of thing that makes good fodder for upcoming commercials.

Can you picture PC going to town with this?

I’m just picturing this happening. Didn’t I see this in an automobile commercial a while back?

Thank goodness that there was at least one person on staff to make it right. Maybe if it had been in an envelope playing songs through iTunes, it would have been easier to recognize.

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