Try it yourself

If you're like me, you probably hear and read a lot about this.  "Chromebooks aren't real computers". I always like to challenge back with a why? The answers are typical - it doesn't run Photoshop.  Or, I'm not always connected to the Internet. So, I'll add a reply to that - "When was the last … Continue reading Try it yourself


This Week in Ontario Edublogs

Today is supposed to be the turn around for warmer weather heading into Super Bowl weekend. Let's hope that's true. With all the stories about animals left out in the cold and Jaimie's refusal to wear snow boots, we're both looking to get out and put together a few thousand steps. According to my watch, … Continue reading This Week in Ontario Edublogs

New look

This isn't something for everyone but I was intrigued. Rumours have been going around about a new look for the Google Chrome browser.  Of course, you can always apply themes to keep the look fresh.  Right now, I use the theme "Android for Google Chrome" just because it's kind of dark-ish and green.  It fits … Continue reading New look