Custom words

If one of the goals in life is to reduce work, then it only makes sense to do things to help the cause. Every time I get a new word processor or any other piece of software that includes a spell check, I'll add certain words so that they don't get flagged as incorrect or, [...]

The best setting ever …

... at least for me. and I found it by accident. I was playing around with the configuration on my Chromebook and happened to stumble into this. By default, the keyboard was set to US English and I wanted to switch to Canadian English.  That wasn't a big deal.  It was just a matter of [...]

Becoming that expert

One of the hang overs from using the computer before the mouse is the ability to access functionality of your computer using keys and key combinations so that you can quick access to things your computer can do. By removing your hand from the keyboard to use the mouse or the trackpad, you introduce extra [...]

Another coding alternative

I suspect that I, as well as half the online reading universe were taken in by the announcement that Coding with Chrome was available for the download.  I love this reaction ... @dougpete Chrome is the best not-just-a-browser there is. 😄 — Jangal Nara (@iCoder1978) May 30, 2016 And, of course, in addition to the [...]